My name is Christopher Watkin.. or Chris (we'll leave out the long list of nicknames I have).

Now just sit right there and I'll tell you all about...

...who I am

I am a QA Tester turned Web Developer. I have many years experience as a QA Tester-- in the mainframe environment.

I enjoyed testing mainframe/COBOL applications & screens along with doing a bit of VBA coding for basic automated scripts used to test CICS screens. I’ve always had a curiosity of how programs & code worked so testing was a good fit for me as I like to find ways to figure out how a feature should (or should not) work.

I leaped into Web Development learning HTML, CSS, javascript, React, Redux and Ruby and have enjoyed working with HTML, CSS, React and Ruby. I like creating & coding "pieces of the (bigger) puzzle”, fixing, enhancing or maintaining existing projects like the VBA macros I was responsible for at one of my previous positions.

Some of my favorite technologies I've learned through the years are Visual Basic, VB.NET, SQL, React, Ruby, and COBOL (yes COBOL :) ). I am interested in diving into Python, getting back into Visual Basic and VB.NET and improving on React, Ruby, SQL and “Vanilla” javascript. I’m not afraid to pick up anything new and welcome the challenge to do so!

Oh yes, in my spare time- I collect rubber duckies- the ninja ducky shown above included, enjoy reading, watching movies, listening to music and traveling.

Learning is a life-long endeavor

...My projects

Kuku logo image of layers of t-shirts

A shopping app in a Tindr-like style.

React, Redux, Semantic UI
Group project at DevPoint Labs.
Tribute Page
Deaf President Now page

About the Deaf President Now protest.

GitHub Repos
GitHub Repos page

A page to display my GitHub repos.

React, Semantic UI, GitHub API
Survey Form
survey form project

A basic survey form- about sports.

Rock Paper Scissors
Rock paper scissors game javascript

A small Rock-paper-scissors game

HTML, CSS and Javascript
...How to contact me

Other text/chat options available